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When Is It Time to Declare Bankruptcy?

Posted by David Gibbs | Dec 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your debts but hesitant about moving forward with filing bankruptcy, you are not alone. Deciding when is the right time to schedule a consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney can be overwhelming and can even feel like failure as it's the formal step to starting the discharge process. 

Some of the key signs that you should consider filing for bankruptcy in Orange County now include risk of foreclosure, getting behind in your mortgage payments or have massive debts that you can't repay. This, in addition to being harassed by bill collectors, could be a sign that declaring bankruptcy might be the answer for you. Bankruptcy can eliminate or reduce your debts in most cases and keep bill collectors at bay, but it will have significant consequences for your future including damage to your credit score. 

Filing for bankruptcy is one way to get out from a crushing debt load but you should always schedule a consultation with a trusted Bankruptcy Attorney who can help you decide based on your individual circumstances whether now is the right time. You might want to contact your creditors first to see if they are willing to negotiate. Many lenders have programs for those people who are struggling to pay their mortgage. If your mortgage is just one of the ways that you have fallen behind financially, however, you will likely be unable to catch up even by adjusting the payments on this end. 

Identifying these challenges in your life is when sitting down with a bankruptcy attorney can pay off in spades. Ask questions about how this could influence your short term and long-term future so that you can have a good understanding of the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy now. Your trusted Bankruptcy Attorney will also help you to make a decision about which kind of bankruptcy is most appropriate for your specific needs.   

You can start filing for bankruptcy in Orange County today - set up a time to speak with the firm today. 

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